And the winners are…

While Lea-Ann was at Spring Fling I drew the winners for the Frequent Buyer Card for the first quarter.  There were lots of names in the jar, so I drew four.  Each winner receives a book.  We had four books to choose from and it’s first come, first served around here.  Two of the winners were at Sweater Night on Thursday and are pictured below with their chosen books.  The other winners are Tami Baranek and Liz Kruger.  We’ll try to remember to get pics of them with their books but I make no promises.

Cynthia with "Knitted Socks East and West"
Nancy with "Knitting 24/7"


If you live close enough to stop by, make sure you ask for a Frequent Buyer card if you don’t already have one. Fill the card and receive 10% off your next purchase.  Once the card has been redeemed, we put your name on the back and pop it into our jar until the end of the quarter when we draw our winners.  The prizes change so you never know what you’ll get, but I promise it will always be something worth your while!

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