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Sock yarn choices

Remember when there was only one or two companies with sock yarn? Now there are hundreds. Do you have a favorite and why? -Color? -wash-ability?

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Get it fast, while it lasts…

Well.  We are technically closed on Wednesdays but I am here anyway.  I usually crank up the radio and open the back door, sing off

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Fresh off the UPS truck and in my hot little hands- and Lea-Ann isn’t even here to see it.  This is the newest sock yarn

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While I was away

This is what happens when I’m gone for a week …. This is the new Opal sock yarn that came in while I was on

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Hippie Penguin Fibers, as promised

I promised them by Monday, and here they are!  Each yarn is pictured below, with the colors listed (from left to right) beside each picture.  We have

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Starry is here!

I just (and I mean JUST) finished checking in Starry, the newest from Dream in Color.  The base of this sock weight yarn is Smooshy;

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Snack Pack 5

The Tofutsies Snack Pack, that is.  (we’re really not trying to make you hungry with all this talk of “Yummy” and “Snack Packs”- honest!)  Fifteen

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