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Eyelet Cardi and Silky Wool = a beautiful combination

Eyelet Cardi from Chic Knits

I dream .  . . . I dream as I knit on the Slant in Nature,  I dream as I pull patterns to fill orders, I dream as I straighten yarn . . . I dream of what I’ll work on next.  I know I have the Top Ten list already, but there are new patterns, new yarns, new ideas, new Ravelry project photos of friends I follow . . . oh my! Okay, so Passing Down Crazy  is on vacation and working on the Eyelet Cardi  from ChicKnits (I just LOVE her designs, thanks to all my customers who told me about her!), and I click through to see what yarn everyone is knitting it in.  The original design appears to be done in Silky Wool!  I*Must*Add*This*To*The*Top*Ten because I do already have on the list “Something, Anything in Silky Wool”.  Scroll to the bottom of the Silky Wool page  to see the new bright colors — don’t you just love them?  Can’t you see yourself wearing an Eyelet Cardi done in Silky Wool?  I need more knitting time!! 

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Silky Wool — Bee-u-ti-ful

silky wool - new colors

I’m enjoying the new colors of spring arriving in the store, Cotton Classic from Tahki Yarns, Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold, Ty-Dy from Knit One, Crochet Too . . . they all make me wish the grass was greener and the sun a little warmer but in the meantime, I can dream and start knitting on my summer projects (well, after I finish another Top Ten project!), but I can dream right?  Here’s the link to all our colors in stock: Link to Silky Wool at

And, that isn’t all, Elsebeth Lavold came up with a book that utilizes these bright colors in some innovative ideas:  Elsebeth Lavold Book Seventeen – Small Things Matter

P.S.  Don’t forget Tom’s FCCTCC contest —