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Opal out of the box!

The new Opal is checked in and ready for the needles! Click here to see the Masken Ball; click here to see the Best of Rainforest.

I cast on a pair of footies using Happy Feet color 25 Spring Blossom for my daughter this weekend- a nice quick project for when the rain hits us. She is loving the bright colors and cannot wait for them to be done. I have to admit that the colors are looking quite cool. I’m thinking that there might even be enough for a pair of footies for me, as well. I have a hard time getting projects done in the spring because after a long winter indoors I just cannot wait to be out in my garden and flower beds. I spent two days this weekend cleaning up the flower bed and splitting all the bulbs that are choking out my perrenials and I thoroughly enjoyed each minute. Not so much the aching in my back and booty but I guess you can’t have one without the other. I got just over half way done (it’s a very big flower bed) and hope to get another hour or two in this afternoon. Hubbie tilled the garden for me and I picked up my seeds this weekend. So… not a whole lot got done on the footies- not quite to the heel on the first one but if we get the rain they are forecasting I should be able to knock off a pair before I can get back outside. When I get the footies done I’ll post a pic of them on her little tootsies.