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Woolly Holiday Hunt Day 6 – He licked all the candy canes, ’til he turned them all green.


The “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” returns every year for an encore presentation.  While looking at the pictured yarn, I was reminded of the lines:

When the Grinch discovered
There was no way,
To Keep Christmas from coming
On Christmas day,
He devised a new plan…

Though not quite as mean.
He licked all the candy canes,
‘Til he turned them all green. 

But, really, he couldn’t take away the taste.  

Use the bolded clues above to find the picture on our website at  Send the URL to and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a Marie Mayhew three-pack of patterns or projects (value up to $30). There is one more clue tomorrow at 9am and the drawing will be Monday at noon.

In the meantime, imagine this beautiful Woolly Nest and Eggs added to your tree decor.  While you’re at it, throw some scraps to the birds outside for their own nests.  If you want a slightly smaller nest, there is the Woolly Nest Ornament Kit which includes everything you need including the poem.  We just stocked the refill kits too, in case you want to make more than one. Our little pathetic tree is actually an ornament hanger display filled with greenery.  I’ll take better pictures later to show you how cute the display looks with the Woolly Ornaments.


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Woolly Trunkshow

Marie Mayhew's Woolly Sheep

While I was on what I choose to refer to as a “snow vacation” last week, we got in a trunk show from Marie Mayhew.  I have long adored her creations- they are so stinkin’ cute!  I have christened the Woolly Sheep you see to the left Doris.  In my head she speaks with a British accent and spends her days frolicking in flower fields dispensing widsom to all her little creature friends.   She is very motherly, calls everyone “dear” and frequently hosts tea parties complete with cucumber sandwiches.  Now that I think about it, she is the Mary Poppins of the sheep world- minus the magic carpet bag.

Woolly Birds

I wish that I could post pics of everything, but there is just too much, so I’m only sharing a few.  If you are near the area, I encourage you to pop in and take a look.  In addition to Doris, and the Woolly Birds you see to the right we have the Woolly Nests, Eggs, Candy Corn (done in styles for many holidays), additional Woolly Sheep, Bunnies and Chicks.  There is a class for the Woolly Bunnies and Chicks on Saturday so give us a ring if you are interested.  Pictured below you can see the Woolly Gnome, whom I have named Herb, (we also have a few other gnomes and mushrooms not pictured), and the Woolly Penguin chick.    To see all the Marie Mayhew patterns click on the link.

Herb the Woolly Gnome
Woolly Chick
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I love a fun gadget!

Wondering if we’d gone off the grid? I apologize for the lag in postings on the blog- it is not for lack of something to blog about, but lack of time. I have to choose between getting the new stuff on the website or taking the time to blog. What a quandry!
First and foremost on my mind is to let you know that the Woolly Owls from Marie Mayhew are now in the system. I know that Lea-Ann revealed them a while ago- now you can check them out.

Dumpling Case

Now for what I am really itching to share. We have the cutest, most fun little doo-dads in stock! You have got to check out the Dumpling Case from HiyaHiya. They are so stinkin’ adorable. The case itself is brocaded fabric in assorted patterns/colors (all beautiful, I promise), and you just give it a little squeeze to open it- let go and it snaps shut, kind of like those change purses our grandmothers used to have in their handbags. (As a child I was always fascinated with my grandma’s- it was leather and closed in a swirl type pattern on top.  Very cool.   I was forever playing with it.  But, I digress…)

Stitch Markers

The real treasure is the markers that look like little balls of yarn.  They are sized to fit up to a US8 needle, but included are bigger rings to expand the markers to fit up to a US15. How cool is that?  At $9.95 they are affordable to give as a “just because” gift, and not so expensive that you would feel guilty getting them for yourself! 

Fold 'n Go Notions Box

Really fun thing number two is the newest product from Knit Happy- it is the Fold ‘n Go Notions Box. It is a very handy roll-up case for notions, double point needles and all the other necessities that go along with knitting. I immediately thought “oh, wouldn’t this be a cute travel case for toiletries and such?”. Who says that it must be used for knitting? Just because it has a sheep on it doesn’t mean that it must be used for knitting, does it?  What else would you use this for?  Any creative ideas out there?  Click on the link above to see all three colors.  Of course, it does not come with the goodies already inside, but I’m sure you’ve all got more than enough to fill it yourself.

For anyone who may be wondering, I finished the stocking in time for Christmas.  Okay, so I was sewing the stars on at 11:30 p.m. and it didn’t actually get assembled but the hard work was done.  I have pictures to post but forgot my card so I can’t put them on today, but I will share them.  Not that you all want to see it, but I worked my fanny off and I will post them if I want.  Because I can. 🙂  My daughter was thrilled and I now have some time for knitting.  Wahoo!  More on my knitting later, and I have a few books I am excited about.  I’ll show you those,  as well.  Until then- it’s cold outside so stay inside and knit.

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Woolly goodies back in stock!

It’s still snowing so we are allowed to knit, felt and decorate with snowmen, right?  We just restocked all of Marie Mayhew’s patterns and the snowman really works well with Galway white.

Woolly Snowmen by Marie Mayhew

But if you prefer to ignore the snow, you could start on the cute bunnie or chicks for Easter or her newest pattern, Woolly Owls (susan is on vacation so be patient and wait for it to appear on the New January pages).

Woolly Chicks by Marie MayhewsWoolly Bunnies by Marie MayhewsWoolly Owls by Marie Mayhew
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Woolly Snowman – back in stock

Woolly Snowbaby Woolly Snowman

Just in time for snowed in knitting . . . . the Woolly Snowman and Woolly Snowbaby pattern, as well as hats and accessories, are back in stock at To view the entire Marie Mayhew pattern collection visit:

Project Notes from Lea-Ann: I’m knitting mine with Galway color 8 — — which is pretty white. I’m hopeful it will felt. In fact, maybe that’s the reason I woke up at 2am this morning wide awake — to test felt the Galway!! BRB

unfelted snowman

Have you knit the Woolly Snow series? If so, please share what yarn worked for you and post picture links so we can check them out! If you don’t have a blog to share your pictures in, remember you can always use our Forums area.