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Kitchener + Puppy = AAAACCK!

Titus - The newest addition to the Young family

This is our new puppy, whom we have christened Titus.  Isn’t he adorable?  He is very sweet.  Except when I am trying to knit.  Then he is not so cute.  I am constantly trying to re-direct the chewing and putting him outside to do his thing, or pushing him off of me.  I finally got the gumption to Kitchener the Bamboo Ewe shawl that has been finished for nearly a month and was seriously wishing I had done it as soon as the shawl was finished.  (Pre-puppy in other words.)  He was sleeping when I began to graft but of course did not stay that way.  I thought I was doing very well, given the circumstances, but when I was maybe 8 stitches from being done, I discovered a stitch that had dropped clear back in the beginning.  I got it fastened with a locking stitch marker so it wouldn’t run and when I was done I went back and stitched back up and picked it up when I wove in the end.

Bamboo Ewe Shawl

I defy anyone to find said stitch. I did a very good job of it, if I do say so myself.  Now, the join itself is another story. Because of the dropped stitch I can see where I am clearly off in the lace where it joins, but I refuse to take it all out and re-do it.  I also thought I was plenty loose, but it sure looks pretty tight now that it’s done.  I’m hoping it will even out in the blocking.   I did enjoy knitting the shawl.  It was a very easy pattern to memorize with only a four row repeat, and the yarn is really very nice.  I had a problem with splitting while grafting, but I cannot blame the yarn for that- that’s all me.  I’ll get it blocked over the weekend and see if I can’t get it on Ravelry sometime soon.

Very stormy here so I think I’ll shut down the computer before I fry my beloved Mac!