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Favorite color for Spring?


I have a little bit of time on my hands waiting to go to my mom’s pre-op this morning and I am sitting outside drinking my coffee. It is 74F and not too humid at the moment. What i am noticing, besides the little lizards
(My mom said they are chameoleons) scurrying around, is the difference in color intensity from Indiana to Florida. I order yarn for Spring in January and those of you who live up north know how gray the sky is in January. So, now that it is brightening up, what do you think? What is your favorite color for the season? Link to the color you love …. give me something to look at while I’m sitting through the 5-6 hour operation tomorrow.
P.s. Thank you to Susan, Tom, Tara and Nancy for keeping the store running without me. I have to go water my moms bean plants now. You can move the Michigan farmer to Florida but the farmer moves along.