Now Open to New Basic (Free) Members

I’ve found a way to get everyone moved from point a through point d in the software for ClubKnit so I’ve opened up membership to new Basic (free) members. Now, you all are members already, but expect to start receiving more emails from me based on what you are members too.  And remember that you can now easily participate in the forums (discussion) by clicking on the comments for any blog. Join in!!!!

Do you want to read the Clear the Clutter post I just wrote over at Knittingtoday.com?

Or, do you want to refer a friend and have them join clubKnit Basic? 

How about participate in the next cardigan KAL for hand knitters — FIsher Lassie?

Or join in the ongoing KAL for LK150 knitters — Stormy Weather?

How about getting more info about the upcoming meetup in Wolcottville at our previous store location? Stay tuned for details — Knit28!!!

Is a cardigan/tunic/sweater not to your liking this time around? Stay tuned, we have some smaller-type projects in the works for the upcoming months.

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