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Above and Beyond Customer Service: UPS

Excited!!!  See that big brown truck behind the red car? No, its not my wonderful husband Tom’s truck, its Mike my local driver.  Mike goes above and beyond my typical expectations of a delivery driver, not that Tom doesn’t either, but Mike’s actions affect me on a regular basis. What does he do? He takes time to text me when he delivers to the store. And then what was so special about today? With the wind chill at -12F? He delivers my package to my house. He said he didn’t want to see me have to get out in the wind chill if I didn’t need too. Awe! Bless his heart!! I love my UPS driver.

UPS DeliveryP.S. My postman is absolutely wonderful too!!!!  I’m very blessed! Now, lets see what I have here . . . . .


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Leaves turning, hint of smoke in the air, warm toes …. That’s what our fall display reminds us of.


We have some new Mukluk patterns from Knitting Pure & Simple as well as a Christmas stocking pattern, perfect for the Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn. If you look at the New category on the website, you’ll see a trend for baby patterns too. I think my twin grandbabies might be here well before their December 10 due date. Regardless, I’m still working on the fall/winter class list and am admitting I’m stumped about how to get the improvements done that I want for my website. Onward to today …. Maybe a few rows will help me feel a little accomplishment?