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Its a knitting weekend!

Today I worked on my Dianna Entrelac shawl a little bit — I think I’m going to scrap it and try one from the Entre to Entrelac book.

Also worked on the Ribby Cardi a little bit — going to have to redo the front that I did already.  Tara would like me to get this done so she can wear it for fall leave senior pictures.  Don’t.think.that.will.happen!

Worked on my Insouciant sock a bit.  Need to have this ready to cut open at the next class Saturday.

Worked on the new website design and chat group a little bit.  Have a long way to go.

Worked on the Travelling Woman’s Shawl using Dream Club cashmere — LOVELY!  But had to restart because my cast on count was off.

Busy, busy the next couple of nights and days … Sweater Night is for anyone who has a sweater project purchased from Knitting Today. We work on gauge, fit, modifications, stitches, seaming, and whatever else we need to do (sometimes rippit??) to get those sweaters finished! No charge but it is nice to know in advance who is coming and what point they are working on so I’m prepared mentally to multi-task :-).

UFO night is when we all gather and work on whatever project we want to get finished. Sometimes it is something that has been stuck in a closet for twenty years, and sometimes we start something new. I usually try and hand out some door prizes for various surprise contests throughout the night. Sometimes I’ll plan special theme nights or events, but this Friday is all about the UFO (it might even be the finished up of the sweater that needs seamed on Thursday night!).

Saturday morning at 10 is the continuation of the Freedom fair Isle hat that Nancy has been teaching. It is the two-handed fair isle method and also teaches chart reading.

Saturday afternoon at 1 is the continuation of the Insouciant Sock class. Anyone who purchased the book from Knitting Today is entitled to this free class and we have many who are coming back to do another sock from the book. pre-registration is requested, but it is not necessary to have attended the other classes for this particular sock.

Happy knitting every one!!

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the day after UFO night

and I’m taking stock on what I was able to get done and don’t want to think about how much I need to go . . . a couple rows of Cassidy, which actually is a huge accomplishment considering that I’m knitting a huge size and I combined the fronts/back.  I did maintain some decreases at the waistline but increased back out to my bust size.  I want it fitting, but not fitted; if you know what I mean.  I am absolutely loving working in the Shepherd’s Wool worsted and my color is Great Lakes.   Here’s the current pic:

Cassidy Back Cassidy fronts

Also on UFO night, we caught up on some giveaways.  Jan had won Tom’s FCCTCC contest and she used the gift certificate toward Lorna Miser’s Faith, Hope, Love book and some yarn, I believe.  I’m a little foggy after staying up a couple hours later than normal.  Natalie and Jan had both won Knit Happy Notebooks in a pre-Stitches Midwest post too.  Here’s a picture with Haley standing in for Natalie. 

Haley and Jan with Knit Happy notepads

And, here’s the gang, happily knitting away.  Its so much fun and I love having everyone gathered here.  Haley took these candid shots and while everyone seemed to be smiling, I see she caught a few looking not so happy . . . and then some snuck out before the pictures even began. 
Natalie at UFO nightNancy at UFO nightInis at UFO nightUFO knitters
. . . thanks knitters!!  -Lea-Ann

P.S. Sneak preview:  Zauerball and the new Knitters!

Zauerball and Knitters Fall 2009 K96

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UFO Night: Olympic Knitting, TofuTee Trunk Show

Olympic Knitting:  Are you knitting during the Olympics?   Friday night, August 8, 2008, is the start and we are gathering at Knitting Today starting at 6:30 to enjoy. RSVP please, bring your UFO or new Olympic project and we’ll get going.  

TofuTee:  We also have the TofuTee Trunk Show in the store and that will be the last time to come and see it before it is shipped on to the next venue.  The TofuTee is a great pattern, knit sideways, uses 5 balls of the Tofutsies yarn and we have 15 new colors as well as several from the old collections in stock . . . . 

Looking forward to seeing you!  Lea-Ann