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Mystery Yarn Club – Yarn 1 arrived!

And I can’t reveal until May 1 . . . oh, it is soft, and warm, and snuggly and well, luscious!! There are a dozen more description of this luxury yarn that Tara and I say as we walk by and pet it. I had one design in mind when I ordered it, but they sent me samples of a pattern booklet and a leaflet and now I can’t make up my mind!!!!

I wish I could tell you all what it is, but then what’s the mystery? All I can say is oh my! It feels sooooo good! Only five spots left as of today:

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Mystery Yarn Club – special, surprise, and summer fun!

20130323-082318.jpgDo you like surprises? Judging by the number of people who have previously joined our Dream Club and the Knit Happy Club, you do. So what is Lea-Ann cooking up for some summer knitting fun? A “Mystery Yarn Club”!

What: Six months of unique, special, luxurious, and fun yarns. Each yarn will have a pattern or two and we will be doing a KAL in store and online. We have other fun specials and events planned for club members as well.

When: Starts May 1.

How much: for the best price, register by April1 for $180 plus shipping and Indiana sales tax. Afterward, the price goes up to $198. There is also a month-by-month option available.

Register now!