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The perfect fit? Share to win ….


Have you ever knit a sweater from a pattern and have it fit perfectly? If so, which pattern, which yarn (in order to knit directly from the pattern both your stitch and row gauge must match), and what size (no adjusting for sleeve length?).  And, this perfect-fitting sweater…please send me a picture (on the perfect body preferably) so I can share with the masses OR better yet, post here and include a link to the picture if its somewhere else, like Ravelry.

On the other hand if all of your sweater knitting requires adjusting, I’d like to know about that too. What changes do you make for the perfect fit? Gauge, size, shoulder width, sleeve style? Again, comment below and include a link to the picture or send it to me and I’ll share the inspiration.

I have a pink curvy tumbler with your name on it. I’d share the link to the website so you can see what the new curvy tumbler looks like, but the website page is a mess 🙁 . Trust me. You don’t? Here. This is why I am not getting anything else done.

Comments/Posts/pictures must be received by October 9 16 (just in case that perfect sweater is still on the needles). If you don’t have the image hosted somewhere else, my email is lea-ann at You know to replace the “at” word with the sign”@”  right?

Can’t wait to see everyone’s creations!