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Warm tootsies

I felted my clogs last night.

Monumental because I found a Facebook picture of them started January 1, and then finished and waiting for seaming uploaded on February 22.  And they have been sitting in my basket waiting for me since then. Why so long? I didn’t have a chibi!! Can you believe it? That’s like the cobblers children.

And, in July, I got a new-to-me washing machine with tons of water levels, temperature levels and spin cycle. Talk about confusion. The one I had before was simply a stick it in, turn it on and everything felts. Lol.

So, an hour television show, a chibi, and a couple runs through the washer and look what I have.

Felted Clogs

Warm tootsies!! Wet, but still warm. Amazing!! Yarn was two strands of Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool in two different greens (leftovers) and two strands of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride (available by special order). They felted a little bit differently, I’m assuming due to the mohair content in the lamb’s pride, so I felted them a little longer but the Shepherd’s Wool gives a little once on the foot. Overall, I’m happy. And after wearing my last one for about ten years, even with my toes peaking through, I need these in the mornings.

Woohoo, one empty basket! Have you made felted clogs?? What is your favorite yarn?

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Tom’s March Madness “FCCTCC” Contest

Join Tom in a Knitting Today-sponsored “Felted Clogs College Team Colors Contest” (now known as the FCCTCC). Simply knit your favorite college team color clogs using the Fiber Trends clog pattern (available at, embellished however you wish to represent your favorite team, and send a before and after picture with FCCTCC in the subject line to Please also include the yarn details and your contact information. Each picture received will be printed out and entered into the drawing. Receive two more drawing entries if you use Shepherd’s Wool purchased from Knitting Today (available at ).

The “FCCTCC” starts now until the final buzzer of the final tournament of March Madness. Winner will be drawn out of all entries received. The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate from Knitting Today along with a pair of Fiber Trends Seude Slipper Soles of your size and color choice.

Let’s Get Knitting!  — Tom