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Eucool 40% off!

George from EucoolEucool is currently 40% off and you’ll want to take advantage of it.  Tom knit George (; Nancy knit Cerisara ( Both are on display in the store. Any pattern that knits to a DK weight (Silky Wool patterns are interchangeable) would be a good choice. Cables and texture are very visible in this yarn. Let us know what you decide to knit!

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Once upon a Thursday, there was a grumpy old man and happy knitters…

edited July 26, 2010: my post somehow got overwritten when I changed the title so I’m just going to go ahead and try and recreate it as it was.  I know it isn’t exact, though, darn it! 

So, Tom is a little mad about having to tear back almost three inches on his sweater front.

But then a good time was had by all.