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Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin

How did that old nursery story go?  I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down?  Well, that would admit defeat and I’m not about to when it comes to my new Classy project!  I’m knitting ChicKnits Elisabeth. Tara knit the headband and with the leftover yarn I’m knitting the cowl.  I have yards left and I’m finally on the bind off row.   Will I make it?


This has been a really fun pattern. Fairly quick to knit, especially if you know how to cable without a cable needle. The short row shaping on the cowl makes it lay nicely against the back of neck without bunching up.  I’d knit this again. I’d choose a different color of Classy though, probably a green, so I have one to wear with each outfit.


It took just one skein (YMMV = your mileage may vary) of the scorched earth solids Classy to do the headband and horizontal cowl.  There is also a version of vertical cowl.  The pattern is available in the store using the NEW “Ravelry LYS download service” or you can purchase it online direct from the designer,

P.S. I’m playing with an add-on for the blog to see if I want to add a discussion group to the website.



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Dream in Color back in stock

Remember the colors of Dream in Color Classy that were used in the Tulip Baby sweater?  Spring Tickle, Blue Lagoon, Visual Purple… Yum!  Those colors still seem to be the most requested.  Well, good news Classy lovers!  They are back in stock and available for purchase.  Also (soon) available is the kit for the Tulip Baby Sweater kit.  Follow the links to see all the Classy in stock and to order the Tulip kit.  Make sure to put the sweater kit on the wait list if you want it, and when it’s in stock we’ll let you know.

Just so you know… IT”S SNOWING!!

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Back from the fair

After a week of camping at the fair, livestock shows, working various stands, and a very long, hot auction day, I am still feeling a bit hungover.  We had a fun week but it is exhausting.  The kids all did well on their projects and their shows, and had a great time hanging out with their 4-H friends.  I’m still catching up on laundry and cleaning the camper out for relatives that are coming in on Saturday (I’m sure they would appreciate clean linens and such), but it’s nice to be home and getting back into the regular routine.

I have checked in so many new things since my last post…. let’s see… there is Classy (new colors), Mauch Chunky (new colors), Kaleidoscope, and Cotton 2010, both from Opal (that took a little longer than planned, but it’s finally available for purchase), and  we now have some striping Soxx Appeal.  I think the Freedom Hat Kit from Heritage Fiber Publications is very cool.  Available in three color combinations, the pattern offers three sizes and the kit comes with enough Shepherd’s Wool to make one hat of any size.  Click here to see all the new items for July.

Diva Bundles

Just in case you were afraid that I would leave you with no pretty pictures check out the box of loveliness that was waiting for me when I got back to work.  These are the Diva Bundles that Lea-Ann unveiled when Lorna was here.  A few lucky gals even won a bundle as a door prize.  I keep taking little breaks to paw through the box.  No two bundles are exactly alike; there are similar color combinations but the there is something different in each bundle.  Some have sparklies, some have frillies, some have sparkly frillies.  Others have a touch of ribbon yarn.  If I had to use one word to describe these little beauties it would be “FUN”.  Okay, I just thought of another one.  “UNIQUE”.  Oh!  How about “YUMMY”?  I’m going to sign off now because I could go on like this for hours.  Those of you who know me know that I am not joking about this.

Have a great day of knitting!

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The Dream In Color Classy and Tatamy Tweed DK have arrived!

Oh my gosh . . . we have boxes and boxes of yarn that arrived yesterday.  You would not believe the number of skeins of yarn we have to price and get packed to go over to the Farmstead.  We’ll leave some at Knitting Today too, but still.  We now have the latest colors in the Dream in Color Classy line and some new patterns to go with.  I’ll post a link as soon as I remember the names of the patterns.  Someone help me out if you can.  I think there was  a child’s sideways cardigan, the adult tulip, and ????  I know I want to do the February Lady Sweater out of it.  That will be our third sweater knitalong in the series this year.  Susan is still working on scanning the images so give her a little time as I’m sure it won’t happen this weekend. 

 Plus, we have ALL of the colors of Tatamy Tweed DK.  Karen Fredrickson designed a cute baby blanket.  She’ll be teaching a class on it this Fall but the pattern, Laundry Basket Baby Blanket, and yarn are available now.  It looks like a basketweave but looks are deceiving.  It has enough texture to hold your interest, but a plain row to give you rest.  Really good for someone just learning to knit but wants a little bit more.  We’ll have the basket at the Farmstead Inn during Iwannaknit Retreat and then it’ll return to Knitting Today for a while.  It does have a baby to go to though, so don’t delay! 

– Lea-Ann