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Reversible Knitting by Lynne Barr

Reversible Knitting CoverIt is so exciting being a part of the blog tour for Lynne Barr’s new book, Reversible Knitting.

On first glance, the book appears a little overwhelming, but that is because there is so much in it — 50 new stitch patterns to try, all reversible, of course.  The types of patterns are organized into chapters with very clear photos, technique descriptions, and special notes.  They consist of:

  • Faux Crochet
  • Rows Within Rows
  • Openwork
  • Divide and Combine
  • Picked Up
  • Double Knit

 But, wait, don’t hit the close button yet! There is more! Twenty, count them 20, projects from the likes of :

  • Cat Bordhi
  • Teva Durham
  • Debbie New
  • Wenlan Chia
  • Lily Chin
  • Nancy Marchant
  • Veronik Avery
  • Pam Allen
  • Norah Gaughan
  • Eric Robinson
  • and the author, Lynne Barr, herself

What a huge selection of unique designs from some very talented designers.


 Reversible rib cowl side upReversible Rib PulloverMy favorite design at the moment is a very simple knit, at least upon first inspection.  The design by Wenlan Chia is called Winding Path. It has a chunky rib pattern that appears to move over the shoulders into a huge cowl, but that isn’t the half of it! You can wear it upside down and instead of the ribs accentuating the upper half of the body, they now travel on a bias across the body emphasizing a vertical path and end in a slightly oversize turtleneck. But wait, there is more . . you can even wear it inside out!  Seriously!  I really like the look and wonder if my overplump body could pull it off. If not, I know my slendar teenage daughters would love it. The white cowl that used to be around the neck now sits at the hip line. 


And, what do you think we could do with this technique?   

Drop Loop Steps from Picked Up Chapter
Drop Loop Steps from Picked Up Chapter
There are a few other stiches in the “Picked Up” Chapter that I really like and can see done on scarves for sure.  The Drop Loop Steps that I am showing you above is actually the reverse side.  The front side looks like an embroidered satin stitch.  Its Stitch Number 40, on page 70 if you have the book in front of you.  What do you think either one of these would look like in a multi-color yarn? Click here to see more pictures from the book. 

There are so many techniques in this book that if you like to think outside of the box and try new things, you definitely want this book in your stitch library.  I know it’ll be in mine.  Now, your next stop on this Blog Tour should be to enter the Book contest!  A few copies of Reversible Knitting will be available for random giveaway the length of the scheduled blog tour off the STC Craft / A Melanie Falick Book blog,  Quick, go sign up!