Ultimate Sweater Machine

Ultimate Sweater Machine
(Bond, Incredible Sweater Machine, Bond America, Spinrite)

As of Mid-May 2015, Spinrite (the company who purchased Bond America from Caron) announced they would be discontinuing the Ultimate Sweater Machine line. If we have any supplies available, they are listed on BondKnitter eBay store. 

We have enjoyed knitting and supporting knitters on this machine since 1993. Most of my customers have found upgrading to the Silver Reed LK150 very complimentary to their Bond machine. The features are:

  • can easily knit sport/dk and even fingering weight yarn
  • do not have to worry about the latches being open when knitting with the needles in FWP
  • has a tension unit and don’t have to worry about the yarn take-up at the beginning of the row
  • uses a comb system for casting on vs. the black hem weight

These are just a few of the features that are different between the two machines. Email with any questions or call.

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