Getting Started

A bit about this section. Some of this may be new to you or some of it may be review. Pick and choose what you need for your journey. I’ve tried to make the lessons short by trimming down a big live video. If you have questions, please do NOT hesitate to ask either by emailing me at lea-ann@knittingtoday.com or even texting me at 260-351-2260. I’m here for you to have a successful experience with your machine.

Here is a brief outline of what is covered in this section:

Unboxing: what’s in the box
Mounting the machine: clamps, carriage rests, table or board
Setting Up the Machine: rod socket install, rod, tension disk, row counter, yarn rests, tools, cast on comb and connectors, ravel cord, needle selectors, latch hook and tools
Carriage info: positioning, yarn weights, tension dial, levers and needle positions
Yarn Preparation: reading the label, hanks and center pull ball, skeins and starting

Pages to reference in your manual are:
How to Set Up Your Machine, pages 1 and 2
Names and Functions of Each Part, pages 3 and 4
Replacing the Machine, page 52