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Friday, 11/21, open knitting

Friday, 11/21, noon – 5, bring your knitting and join us for an afternoon of friends and fun. In-store specials on patterns, books, and accessories. Now taking orders for a new yarn, toybox, too!!

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to see some of Sue’s finished projects. I’m sorry i don’t recall the book the shawl came from, but the yarn was a cone of superwash merino she snagged out of the backroom sale. And she made the hat too match.  Aren’t they lovely?

sue hat  wpid-img_20141104_135219540_hdr.jpg

And since the cold weather but, grandson Evan has been making good use of some hand knits.


How are you staying warm?

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Fo Friday: watershed

Almost done. Just the collar and armholes to complete.


And now for the wrap-up. When it came off the needles on Thursday morning, there was a try on session. The result was a lot of dissapointment and tears on both Tara and my part. It just didn’t look as good as either of us had imagined. It was too wide, the armhole was too big and it didn’t drape right. Ugh! Since there wasn’t time to get anything else, we decided to go ahead and finish it.

So, Thursday night she ran Mystery Yarn Club while I picked up around the armholes to finish it off. Can you see the tape meaures? The simple armhole treatment took in two inches! It was pick up, purl a row and bind off. I did deviate from the instructions In that i used a needle two sizes smaller which resulted in two tight of an armhole so ripped out the bind off and redid it on the regular needle size.


Yeah! I’m so please to share this finished object. Yes, it was done in time, even steam blocked and for those of you who know me, YES! The ends were woven in. Tara sewed the dress with the help of Mary some afternoons at the store and she found the perfect crochet shoes from Tom’s. what do you think!


And, now it’s on to the next adventure …. What shall it be? Give me some suggestions.

Here’s our graduating girl! Go Tara! Hard to believe twenty years ago we chose for me to work for home and here we are.


P.S. I used most of two balls of yarn, 440 yards. Maybe I need one?